Eyes from Flickr portraits
Photoeyes After Flickr

The comment by Fred Ritchin that digital photography has very little to do with what we know of as traditional photography prompted me to look at what might be different about this medium.

But what is meant by digital photography? Is it taking a photo with a digital camera, or perhaps producing a digital print? Does it include digital processing of images, the digital darkroom, or does it simply refer to the dissemination of images using digital technology? The project 10×8 involves all of these processes in the exploration of difference as prompted by Fred Ritchin.

10 artists have agreed to contribute their editing skills to each of 8 images I produce. The subject material of these images has been prompted by a look at the most popular image searches on Google in the UK. The 8 images are my interpretation of the top search words used when people are looking for images in Google: Logo, Girls, Hair, Hot, Man, Wallpaper, Art, Map.

I will shoot and provide the editors one image at a time with roughly a week/10 days between each image.

In terms of editing, the only stipulation is that the edited images are returned as jpegs in the same dimension ration of 3:2. The digital dissemination of images facilitates the easy incorporation of other media. I have asked a musician to provide a sound edit for each of the 8 images.

All 80 images plus sound will be uploaded onto the 10×8 splash page in the sequence in which they are returned during December 2012/January 2013. A single printed image will be presented in the MA Interim Show at The Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design in March 2013.

Geoff Titley